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  • The preparation of organic documents for your new corporation to be filed with the  Secretary of State of the state where you will do business and the transmittal of filed documents to you.
  • Initial Consultations with you concerning the design of your retirement plan including its form and operations as required under the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA, including any special considerations related to the plan's intended status as an "Eligible Individual Account Plan" that will acquire and hold stock to be issued by its corporate sponsor. 
  • Consultations with you and your other professional advisers concerning the initial capital structure of the corporation and special valuation requirements related to the initial stock issuance and on a periodic basis thereafter.

  • Drafting of the retirement plan documents and the preparation of all related operating and disclosure forms required for the establishment and operation of your plan in accordance with its terms and federal law.

  • Consultations with you and your advisers concerning the rollover to your new plan from existing eligible retirement accounts and the establishment of plan custodial accounts to receive and invest plan assets.
  • During the first plan accounting year (which may be a period of less than 12 months) ongoing consultation with you and your advisers on plan operations and any plan related inquiries from the IRS or the U.S Department of Labor.
  • Preparation of an administration package and the Form 5500 series forms and related schedules for the first plan accounting year.  There will be an additional fee for this work (approximately $350.00) which will be billed when the full Form 5500 and administration package is delivered to you for filing.